If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Disney, or what it’s like to work for them, you will want to read the secrets revealed by Disney sculptor, Terri Hardin, in her own words. In book one of the series, this amazingly talented artist tells how her limited edition collectable sculptures get from inception all the way to their Disney event release.

This second edition print is the first of a four book series showcasing Terri’s sculpting, designing, and performing work for Disney. Terri has sculpted limited edition collectables; designed Disney amusement park rides seen around the globe; and puppeteered in Disney films. Rarely can an artist say they have worked in so many different capacities for Disney, but Terri can. Her wit and personality come through on every page, making this a entertaining yet informative read from start to finish. Disney lovers will cherish it. Art lovers will relish it, and curious people curious will fall in love with it.

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Pumpkin DVD



PUMPKIN SCULPTING with Professional Artist, Terri Hardin (DVD)

Now you can have Terri right in your home, so you can start or continue to brush up on your Pumpkin sculpting technique.  In the DVD Terri shows you step by step how to create a face on your pumpkin that will stop folks in their tracks. Also, she shows you how sculpt an image on your pumpkin.

You can also see the work of her students and experience a class.  If you have always wondered how these beautiful pumpkins are created, come join Terri and do it yourself.