little kid terriTerri was born interracial at a time when this was considered by many to be a very bad mix, add to that the fact that DisneyHairphoto.09 (2)she was asthmatic and an art nerd, and see a girl who was beaten and bullied for so many reasons that every day carried unpredictable threats. But her undying positive attitude allowed her to keep her head above all the adversity, and continue moving forward—even during the darkest of times.

Today, Terri Hardin is a world–known puppeteer and performer, and has been a member of the Jim Henson Muppeteers for over 30 years. Her performances can be seen in many Jim Henson productions, Disneyland’s Captain EO, and the films Indian in the Cupboard, The Flintstones, The Country Bears, Men in Black I and II, and Ghostbusters, working with Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, John Goodman, Whoopie Goldberg and Christopher Walken to name a few.

MichaelTerriEO (2)Terri is also an award-winning Disney artist and Walt Disney Imagineer for over ten years, designing attractions in France, Japan and Florida for the Disney Company. Her attraction La Taniere du Dragon, or Dragon’s Lair, was voted the #1 attraction at Disneyland Paris as voted by those who attended the Park; as well as the creator of multiple Limited Edition Disney sculpture series bearing her name that have gained her a fan base circling the globe. She has also designed toys for Mattel, Nickelodeon and Applause.

As a public speaker, Terri loves to combine stories from her childhood with her successes as an WhoopieGoldberg (2)adult, to inspire others to keep a positive attitude and a strong spirit. She believes incorporating the arts into your life can make a huge difference in how you deal with bullies, suppression, and other kinds of negativity that can arise in life—even if you don’t believe you have a single creative bone in your body! She has been recognized for her speaking with various awards. Most recently, she received the Key Speaker of Influence Award by Universal Studios Hollywood. From shopping malls to convention halls; schools of any grade; and colleges, Terri is willing to speak wherever people will listen!

Currently, Terri is seeking representation for her memoir, It’s Okay To Try, in collaboration with Lynette Eklund. For her Disney fans and people wanting to learn more about what it’s like to work behind-the-scene under the Disney umbrella, she has released the first in a  series of books called Tales From Terri: A Disney Sculptor’s Life.


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